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About me, Fsys Software and DFSee

Jan van Wijk, Red HSS Stratocaster About me

I am a software-engineer with a background in DOS, OS/2, various Unixes, macOS and Windows system programming, system integration and networking, as well as embedded programming on several hardware platforms.

Most of my time these days is spent with further development and support for the DFSee disk and filesystem program.

In my spare time I play the guitar (somewhat) and enjoy landscape and travel photography, some of which can be seen in the Photo Gallery and a few Videos.

After working as a software engineer, architect and consultant for more than eighteen years I took a sabbatical leave in the beginning of 2001, and on the 1st of July I started Fsys Software.

Fsys Software continues development of filesystem related products and offers fee-based consultancy for data recovery and rollout projects as well as software engineering and troubleshooting at the system level.

Starting in 2007, I also took up embedded system programming for various industrial and consumer devices.

Fsys Software operates from Almere in the Netherlands.
Registred at 'Kamer van Koophandel' Lelystad, KvK number: 39076882.

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(Contact Fsys-JvW page) Contact information DFSee and Jan van Wijk
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