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(Current version is: 17.0, released 2022-October-25)
Release history DFSee 17.5 disk reflection
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DFSee release history

17.0, Major release, with minor fixes, but freely asable as OPEN SOURCE EDITION
16.8, Help updated for the ArcaOS 'OS/2 Type 1' GPT partition type; No functional changes!
16.7, Support for the ArcaOS 'OS/2 Type 1' GPT partition type; Small enhancements to auto logfile naming
16.6, Bug fix release; GPT 2TB partition-size limit lifted; DFSPUPPY 4GB stick minimum; Some crash fixes
16.5, Bug fix release; JFS CHECK: Inode error 0x200; DOS menu hang; List number format
16.4, Extra confirmation on bad-sector SCAN; PRESTORE disknumber fix; Several FileDialog usability enhancements; STARTABLE improvements
16.3, DFSPUPPY update to the Ubuntu 18.04 level, added a third variant DFSPUP32; Various small fixes and enhancements
16.2, Hide hidden-files by default in BROWSE; F10 key or RMB pops up context menu; Several fixes and refinements
16.1, UNIX filedialog bugfix, APFS and HFS+ refinements; Hide hidden files in BROWSE and filedialogs, Settings in seperate SET menu
16.0, New filesystem support for ISO (9660) and APFS (Apple), menu improvements, various small enhancements and bug fixes
15.6, More robust download scripts for UPDATE and DFSPUPPY; Auto single/multi select on Linux; OS/4 kernel info
15.5, Disk identification strings; Auto single/multi-file select on image; Selectable profile; logfilename with DATE
15.4, DFSPUP64 UEFI USB boot stick; Auto mouse-marking OS/2 and Windows; Reworked Help-menu; DFSFAST disk analysis; Windows auto-resize
15.3, Binary File/Hex-editor, BROWSE and Menu enhancements; Additional MBR/GPT types; Several bug fixes and improvements
15.2, Clipboard Copy/Paste and Mouse marking; Filedialog/HFS/NTFS enhancements; MacOS SIP warning; Minor fixes
15.1, Apple HFS support, more 'about' details, 64-bit macOS version and some minor updates
15.0, Set LABEL, better JFS/EXTn filerecovery, recursive directory recover, BROWSE improvements; more HFS and APFS support
14.12, Minor release to fix a program-stability issue after using file RECOVER from BROWSE
14.11, BROWSE speedup and enhancements; CLONE BAD-SECTORS menu; RECOVER improvements; CR improvements
14.10, DFSPUPPY related fine-tuning; Enhancements in several scripts; Some smaller big fixes and enhancements
14.9, GPT handling/conversion improved; Media re-scan; APMap support; Help-sections in scripts; Fixed auto-update and 'scan -w' crash
14.8, UIKEYS command in menu; Supress trivial warnings; More Unix key definitions; HEXED 16x32 mode; Better terminal detection
14.7, OS/2 GET-update from web; Unix large screen support; Hex-edit tuning; Large-floppy/LUKS-crypto disk protection
14.6, Enhanced mouse support including Linux and macOS; DFSPUPPY bootable USB stick support; 88/256 colors on Linux/macOS
14.5, Support disks over 2TB; Large buffer imaging; IMZ create/verify/restore fixes; Better Smart Progress

14.4, One fix, to the DOS version (bootable CD/stick) only: Image/index file creation
14.3, Several minor fixes and some small Menu, Query and DFSDISK enhancements
14.2, Fixed multi-file IMZ browsing, WIPE limit fix, NTFS fixboot update, minor enhancements
14.1, Sync with JFS-1.9.7, Crash on close of VDI disks solved, UI enhancements (MAC/Linux)
14.0, Browse filesystems with exit/view/recover, on disks or diskimages like .IMZ and .VDI
13.4, EXT2/3/4 full support, Auto 'Run as admin' on Windows, Auto SUDO for Linux/MAC
13.3, Linux huge disk support, GRUB enhancements and 4096 BPS disk support
13.2, Enhanced disk geometry dialog, LVM optimizations on partition create
13.1, Auto disk-name change on CLONE, various small feature updates and fixes
13.0, Full support for the GPT partitioning style, including move, copy and resize
12.7, Commandline history behaviour now configurable, some Linux usability updates
12.6, Linux readability updates, new SET items, better error handling and several fixes
12.5, Script and Linux/Mac filerecovery/file-dialog enhancements plus minor fixes and updates
12.4, Minor release with many file recovery enhancements, some HPFS specific ones, and more ...
12.3, Minor release with HUGE performance improvement in file-recovery and some fixes
12.2, Minor release with EFAT filerecovery and several fixes and new features
12.1, Minor release with support for the EFAT filesystem, several small fixes and features
12.0, Major release with BASIC/EXPERT modes, search/grep in HELP and output, and DUMPFS support
11.7, Minor release with several fixes, some small new features and extended evaluation period
11.6, Minor release with small fixes, cosmetic changes and extended evaluation period
11.5, Minor release, better cylinder alignment on CREATE, fix DFSDISK 'all superblocks' search, many fixes
11.4, Minor release with a few menu updates, 2 new USB-stick scripts and some minor fixes
11.3, Significant release with GEO dialog, updates to bootable USB, new fix commands and much more!
11.2, Release adding GPT and HFS support, a FreeDOS update and FAT expand
11.1, Minor release with a new DFSDISK feature and many fixes and enhancements
11.0, Major release with several new features and many fixes and enhancements
10.9, Bug fix release, avoid OS/2 bug with large disks and AHCI driver
10.8, Linux sorted Directory/File lists, Format dialog enhancements, small fixes
10.7, Linux support large files and disks, Hex editor improvements, various small enhancements
10.6, Menu improvements, FAT32 disk creation script, minor fixes and enhancements
10.6, dated Januari 8 2011, obsoleted due to minor menu bug. Do not use ..

10.5, Added more (Linux) UUID handling, minor fixes and enhancements
10.4, Minor release with bootable JFS updates, a GUI fix and USB stick enhancements
10.3, Minor release with bootable USB-stick updates and a few fixes
10.2, Minor release with SCRIPT and bootable USB-stick updates
10.1, Minor release with optimizations for the bootable USB stick and some fixes
10.0, Major release with fixes, updates and improvements, bootable CD/diskette update
9.15, Image restore and binary file editor improvements, FAT large sector support
9.14, A few bug-fixes, longer evaluation period
9.13, A few bug-fixes, usability fixes and new SCRIPT functions
9.12, Fixed some menu-items/dialogs to use explicit HEX values
9.11, Updates and more documentation for scripting, some bugfixes
9.10, Minor update; upto 24 disks in Linux, some message updates
9.09, Fix for create type 0x35 (JFS) volume and new 'set version' for JFS
9.08, Minor fixes, and a few additions to the help
9.07, Variable substitution updates and more QUERY options, small fixes
9.06, Bug fix release, fixes traps in the OS/2 version with 9.05
9.05, Bug fix release, OS/2 2Tb disks and fine tuning of advanced scripting
9.04, Bug fix release, and additions to the new scripting engine
9.03, Bug fix release, plus pre-release of the new enhanced scripting engine
9.02, Bug fix release, plus wipe of first track and static HTML documentation generator
9.01, Bug fix release: 'move to begin freespace', new Bootmanager install and PHP documentation generator
8.17, Bug fix release; 'Move to BEGIN freespace' bug back-ported from 9.01
8.16, Bug fix release; expand logical and disk-to-disk clone fat corruption fixed
8.15, Better JFS analysis and display (IAG), REPEAT command and some small fixes and enhancements
8.14, PTE table sorting, Hex-edit updates, PART warnings added and enhanced, several bug fixes
8.13, More verbose registration key info, fix search for FAT filenames, fix MOVE/COPY to start of disk
8.12, Menu additions, display enhancements, (NTFS) resizing refinements and several small fixes
8.11, Better 'removable' and 'large floppy' handling, creation of LVM/JFS volumes, many small fixes and enhancements
8.10, Fix MBR corruption by FIXEXT command, report duplicate bootsectors, allow any size sectors
8.09, Change volume serial number, delete from BM menu, menu updates and variable sectorsize support
8.08, Reset bad-sector administration, backward link warnings, SORT partition table and bugfixes
8.07, JFS/NTFS file recovery improvements, move/copy confirmations and some bug fixes
8.06, Enhancements for binary-file editing, updates for LVM 14.105 and some fixes
8.05, Fixed crash in DFSDISK/PSAVE, fix IMZ2RAW and added 'Smart' checkbox to MOVE dialog
8.04, Direct binary file edit, speedup filefind/undelete, improved bad-sector cloning
8.03, New interactive HEX/ASCII sector/cluster/imagefile/disk editor, plus a few JFS fixes
8.02, Smart-sector support for whole disk and cloning, JFS enhancements and better logging control
8.01, Better LVM/FORMAT support removables, UI improvements, bug fixes
8.00, JFS support, UI enhancements, better progress reporting, bug fixes
7.15, FAT/FAT32 FORMAT, NTFS enhancements, many new dialogs, several bug fixes
7.14, Some new and quite a few enhanced dialogs, several bug fixes
7.13, Some minor fixes and cleanup, built using first OPEN SOURCE TxWindows 1.0 library
7.12, Much more reliable NTFS resizing, DIRTY command / menu for NTFS and some other minor improvements
7.11, Suppress dummy (USB) disks in OS/2, NTFS dirty status and logfile display, SETBOOT updates
7.10, Resize improvements, NTFS MFT updates, more warnings and a few bugs fixed
7.09, Automatic logging, speed improvement for imaging and some nasty bugs fixed
7.08, Mouse and dialog enhancements, fixed trap on some DVD/CD media at startup
7.07, Automatic bad-sector optimization in CLONE/IMAGE and mouse support in OS2 and DOS
7.06, NTLDR fix commands, LVM-refresh, some minor bug fixes and improved mouse support in Windows version
7.05, Better CDROM support in DOS version, standard MSI installer and mouse support in Windows version
7.04, Support insertion of USB drivers in DFSee ISO image, fixed commandline HISTORY and MFT display bug
7.03, New GENPART command, more flexible DFSDISK, improved commandline history and several fixes
7.02, Partition limit 1000, updated HOWTO document and WARPIN based installer for the OS2 version
7.01, More imaging commands and menu items, search whole disk for superblocks and more ...
7.00, A new MAJOR release with many improvements in the user interface, improved imaging and much more!
6.17, Fixed CR BUG (copy primary) and added several new MENU items like BACKUP/RESTORE partition info
6.16, Enhanced handling of numeric parameters and commands, several enhancements and fixes
6.15, Several new menu-items and some improved displays based on Warpstock feedback
6.13, Linux executable added to distribution, no shell-scripts yet
6.12, Linux executable release candidate 1, fully functional (afaik :-)
6.11, More Linux preparation (DEVMAP) and fixes for RECOVERY and PTEdit
6.10, New partition MOVE and copy, improvements in LVM-recovery, several fixes
6.09, Improved output for the LIST command for FAT-EA info
6.08, Improved output for the LIST command and some minor fixes
6.07, BOOTINI and several other minor fixes, updated bootable images
6.06, UI color schemes, fix BOOT.INI, foreign keyboards, improved FAT support and more
6.05, Minor update, fixes the DFSTART script and RETRY default
6.04, New functionality and menu-items, better Linux filesystem recognition
6.02, Change partition-type from menu, other minor changes and fixes
6.00, Version 6.00, menu system, smart imaging and much more!
5.56, Final 5.xx release, expiry postponed until the year 2012
5.00, MAJOR release, introducing the 32-bit DOS-extended version
4.28, Last 4.xx version, unsupported but upgrade to 7.xx is possible
4.00, first SHAREWARE version
3.42, Last freeware version (not supported anymore)

For more details on older DFSee versions, bugs solved and changes made, see the text-document: DFSee development history and changes

Further development depends on my own needs, feedback I receive from other users and the amount of registrations sold to fund these new developments.

Suggestions and comments on DFSee and related stuff is welcome.      (Internet)

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(Release history page) DFSee release history
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