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(Current version is: 16.9, released 2021-October-6)
Support and Documentation DFSee 17.5 disk reflection
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DFSee support guidelines and procedures

Support for DFSee is limited to the latest versions only (15.x and 16.x). If you have issues with older versions, please upgrade to the latest version first, before getting support on the issue.

Required information

Almost all support issues require some information to be collected. The best and easiest way to do that is use one or more of the standard analysis procedures that come with DFSee:

In all cases, a description on the actual PROBLEM, and on what you remember from what the system/partitions looked like (sizes, partition-types and so on), will also help with a quick and successful analysis.

Email support and recovery assistance

Registration will give you access to email support and some assistance on using the program. However, all such support is on a best effort basis, normally with an email response within a few days. Normal email support is FREE for registred users (to be :-) but is limited to answering usage questions and simple assistance.

More involved assistance, like processing analysis results, and creating recovery scripts is NOT free. Depending on the complexity of the recovery, you need to get one or more 'Support Units'. When applicable, you will be informed by DFSee support about the need to buy support units. (Get one or more DFSee support Units. Each unit is € 25)

DFSee support group on groups.io (mailing list)

You can also use the DFSee forum, on the groups.io platform.
Intended as a meeting and discussion place for all issues regarding DFSee.

You can join by responding to an invitation sent to you, or manually using the small form below.

As an alternative, send an empty email to: dfsee-support+subscribe@groups.io and to unsubscribe, use dfsee-support+unsubscribe@groups.io

To change your preferences for emails, or using the web-interface instead, you need to create an account for your subscription email address at the groups.io website.

DFSee support group on Yahoo (mailing list) OBSOLETE

The predecessor to the groups.io list above, for the past 18 years or so, and limited to email delivery for the last year. The DFSee forum, on Yahoo, will be terminated december 15, 2020, due to Yahoo ending the service.

Please use the new groups.io discussion forum instead, see above.

Existing subscribers to the Yahoo list will NOT BE SUBSCRIBED automatically to the groups.io one!, instead an opt-in mechanism with invitations sent to those list members will be used.

Furthermore, the MESSAGE HISTORY IS NOT PRESERVED since most of the info is obsolete by now anyway, and having the old Yahoo messages imported into groups.io is a rather costly operation.

DFSee menusystem and related help text

Compiled from the actual DFSee applications menu-system and help-pages, there is a separate chapter for each of the pull-down menus.

The DFSee menu documentation is a complete reference to every menu-item in the DFSee menu, both BASIC and EXPERT, including the help-screens for every item as well as over a thousand screen-shots documenting the flow of many DFSee functions and showing many of the dialogs. Browsing through this reference is probably the fastest and safest way to learn about the capabilities of the DFSee program.

DFSee instructional and showcase videos

The DFSee instructional and showcase videos is a collection of short videos showing several DFSee program features.

DFSee Presentations

DFSee and TxWin presentations

Presentations in PDF format on DFSee and TxWin functionality, inner working and scripting

DFSee ASCII-text command references and help files

DFSee help system and other information sources

DFSee is in no way an 'easy to use' program, however there is lots of material available that helps even the casual user with most tasks to be performed.
In general people look for two very different kinds of help when using the program:
  1. HOWTO, as in: How do I do this ? Where the this is some high level description of a user problem

    This is hard to catch in built-in help systems or systematic program descriptions since it starts in the problem rather than the solution domain, and is often expressed in terms that do not relate directly to DFSee functionality. It is addressed for DFSee to some extent by providing a summary of HOWTO chapters and by directing users to on-line fora and the public DFSee support forum at Yahoo.

    And as a last resort you can always call in private help of DFSee support through email, but be aware that that could take some time to get answers.

  2. HELP, as in: What does this DO ? Where the this is some DFSee menu item of command

    This is much easier to answer in a systematic way than the HOW kind of questions, and several mechanisms for DFSee exist:

Tips and DFSee usage information, HOWTO

Several important DFSee procedures and topics explained in in HOWTO chapters or a single Howto PDF in PDF

DFSee release history

The DFSee release HISTORY shows new features and solved issues for almost all past releases.

Some external DFSee reviews and awards

DFSee tutorial A tutorial on DFSee by Tony Butka (Southern California OS/2 User Group)
Voice IRC 1 Original English version A review by Paul Floyd in the february 2002 VOICE newsletter
Die Deutsche ubersetzung The German translation by Manfred Agne
Voice IRC 1 ASCII transcript VOICE speakup session on the #voice IRC channel about DFSee on the 11th of September 2004
ASCII transcript VOICE speakup session on the #voice IRC channel about DFSee on the 25th of September 2004
Voice IRC E Original English version A tutorial on 'Hard Drive Disaster Recovery using DFSee' by Julian Thomas january 2006 VOICE newsletter
Die Deutsche ubersetzung The German translation by Thomas Klein and Christian Hennecke
Voice USB E Original English version 'USB Removables - Care and Feeding FAQs' by Lon Hooker june 2006 VOICE newsletter
Die Deutsche ubersetzung The German translation by Christian Hennecke and Holger Manthey

DFSee award

OS2-world 2005 Award DFSee AWARD by OS/2 World.com
Voted BEST individual software 2004 and best commercial software 2005!

Award eCs best utility 2009

eBall AWARD by eComStation and eCoSoft
DFSee choosen as best eComStation Utility by eCS users in 2009!

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