filetransfer and remote execution

What is LPTool?

LPTool enables file transfer and remote execution via a "laplink" cable connection between parallel ports of two machines running OS/2 3.0 or newer.
LPTool works using a daemon in a text-window, accessible either directly or through other programs with the help of LPTQ.EXE, enabling REXX and batchfile automation and integration with file-managers.

Is it still useful?

Hardly, it is quite dated by now, and there are few systems that still have the classic parallel port required by LPTool, and you will have to build your own 'laplink' cable most likely. Also, regular Ethernet networking is so easily available on OS/2 these days that an old slow tool like this would not be used.

So it is here for nostalgic reasons mostly :)

What does it look like?

A screenshot of the LPTool daemon running
This screen-shot includes explanations on all relevant screen-parts visible in the daemon and some additional information.

Description, download link

Functionality is included to:

The new windowing system adds command recall from a history-buffer and a large scrollable output window so you can page back and forth in the output.

What is new in LPTool

2.12, Directory sync, speed-up

2.11, Directory sync

2.09, SET command

2.07, LPTDD setup guidance

2.05, Typeahead compatibilty with DragText

2.03, Performance and stability improvements

No real guarantee can be given about file-integrity or any other behavior. However, all of the functions seem to work OK as far as my tests can tell, and the program is now being used by dozens of happy OS/2 users ...

This version of the program is free for anyone to use and can be considered freeware for now.
Further development of the program has ceased ...

Suggestions and other comments regarding LPT are welcome.      (email)

LPTool downloads

   On the WEB: Just get the   LPTool 2.12 in LPTOOL.ZIP (227 Kb)

To get a better feeling of what you could do with the LPTool: take a look at the (ASCII) LPTool documentation (37 Kb)

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